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Amanda Kayla Liberty

Gamer. Painter. Pokémon Master.

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I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. I spend most of my time drawing, painting, playing video games, practicing yoga, cuddling with my puppies or lounging at home watching Netflix. I love fashion, makeup, DIY projects and home decor.

I also write this blog which mainly consists of the interests listed above, or anything that inspires me throughout the day.

Amanda Kayla Liberty | Blog | Video Games


      1. Cool. hahah! Yes, I did in my time play video games. My parents bought me my very first Nintendo, with the original Mario game, Back to the Future, Duck Hunt, and more.

        Then in 96′ I got me Nintendo 64. My all time favorite console system. Super mario games, Zelda, Donkey Kong 64…Mario Kart…etc..etc.

        After that…I would go over to friends house to play Playstation 1, and then PS2 and then I lost interest in videos games. I never bothered to buy ps2 or ps3 or ps4. wait? there’s a ps4 right? I just want to be sure on that.

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      2. Indeed, I’m a 90’s kind of person.
        I remember Dreamcast, damn, I missed it. Do you remember gameboys? I remember playing, Home Alone 2 Lost in New York. hahaha!!! Classic gameboy nostalgia. Did you ever play Mortal Kombat in the arcades back in the day? I did, it was the first thing that came out…all my friends on the block would go to the nearest corner liquor store and wait in line to play Mortal Kombat in the arcade. 🙂

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      3. Wait? You’ve never watched the Pokemon anime cartoons? hmm????

        You’re a late bloomer aren’t you? hahaha!!! no worries…the show was awesome and the stories we’re amazing. If you get a chance check it out later on. What video console games are you currently playing? Besides your gameboy?

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      4. Cool. Well, since I don’t own a game console. I mostly read books, or do a lot of writing. It keeps my mind sane and with good meditation. On the weekends my girlfriend and I – go to visit her family around my area. She’s got a brother who plays PS4, I watch him play here and there. I can’t stay watching the screen too much because I start to get nauseous. He loves playing Batman games, or Modern War fair…I believe. So, yea, I mostly keep myself occupied with writing, reading, or once in a great while. I’ll go to Open mic poetry nights. Their fun and lots of creative poets. I’ve got videos on youtube, we’re I’ve been a feature poet. It’s a little scary but I pulled it off.

        Say, Do you own a Nintendo 64 by any chance?
        If so, what games do you play?

        P.S I posted a poem, titled: Banksy’s Last Trip to Disneyland. Check it out…I know you’ll trip out on the poem.

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      5. Haha my brother plays the PS4 too, I get what you mean though, call of duty is not my style of game! Awesome open mics can’t be easy – that’s amazing! Send me a link to on of them if you have it! My N64 just broke 😦 but I use to play Mario kart mostly. I did check out your Disneyland poem and it was sick!!! 🙂

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      6. awww…it broke? You played Mario Kart? That’s so awesome!!! I miss that game so much.

        Thank you for reading my Disneyland Poem. I knew you’d like it.

        Here’s my two videos of me as a feature poet at an open mic.



        Let me know what you think.

        Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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