Hyatt Regency Trinidad – Infinity Pool

As it snows this Sunday evening in my lovely Canadian city, I’m reminiscing to the sunny day I spent by the Hyatt Regency’s infinity pool in Trinidad. Can you believe only last week I was liming in the Caribbean, and now I’m in Ottawa, basically freezing my butt off.

Now back to the infinity pool… did I mention it was overlooking the ocean? Honestly this entire day was a dream. Thanks to Nick’s panoramic picture skills, we managed to get a pretty great picture of the poolside and view.


We swam, and relaxed, staring at the ocean. Then we had a delicious lunch by the pool with a cold local Carib beer. We shared the flat bread and Mahi Mahi sandwhich. Amazing on both counts!

This was the first and only day Nick and I had to ourselves on our 15 day vacation. So we definitely spent most of the day just enjoying each other’s company, napping in the comfortable king size bed with 100 pillows and watching a ton of HGTV.

And check out my new favorite poolside accessory (besides a bikini, obvioulsy!), these adorable pool sandals from Touch of India DS Styles! They made me feel super glam, and as if I totally belonged by an ocean view infity pool. Feet aren’t cute, but these definitely help!

Okay, I’m about to start crying because I’ve successfully taken myself back by that pool, and in reality, I’m looking out the window to snow-filled rooftops.

My favorite coworker and car-pooler is officially starting her new job today. I’m partially heartbroken, but also SO happy for her. But… this means I’m back to my 3 hour work commute per day on Ottawa’s lovely red rocket… Hooray for public transit!

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I’m back!


I’m back in Ottawa, and I’m getting a bunch of new posts ready for my blog!

My trip to Trinidad & Tobago was absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite memories with you.

I even managed to get a hint of a tan! HOORAY!

Here are a few pictures from my trip in the meantime:


MUCH more to come! xo


I want to travel. I want to be immersed in other cultures, and in other worlds. I want to try new flavors and speak new languages. I want it all. I want to make new memories all over the world.

I’ve always been fascinated by those who drop everything and go travel. Personally, I love adventures and the idea of exploring something unknown.

I was lucky, and traveled to Italy in 10th grade, as well as Disney World with my family, and a couple trips to Sudbury with my grandparents.

However, at 23 years old, I hadn’t accomplished as much travelling as I had hoped I would.

When I met Nick in 2013, I made it abundantly clear to him that I wanted to go on a trip… “I want to go on an adventure!” I told him. And I didn’t have to tell him twice… We started planning our first adventure to Toronto almost immediately after that initial conversation. In the 2 years following that first trip, we went to Montreal twice, Toronto again, Las Vegas and to Cuba twice. Considering my track record for travelling, we really blew it out of the park!

We have officially started planning our next adventure to… Trinidad and Tobago! I could cry I’m so excited. We are going for 15 days early next year, and I know that this trip will be a true adventure in its purest of forms.

Where are you planning your next adventure?

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland