PranaShanti Yoga Centre

PranaShanti Yoga Centre 

Yoga has truly changed my life. I’m not an athlete, or even remotely interested in physical activities. I was especially guarded with yoga practice. It seemed over-the-top, slow and too spiritual for my liking.

Ohhhh how I was wrong.

Yoga is exactly the type of physical exercise I needed. It took me a while to be able to truly let myself go, and utilize the breathing techniques, but once I did, I felt an overwhelming calmness in myself that I had estimated was an impossibility. I’m excitable, always planning, always creating something in my head, which makes it extremely difficult for me to participate in any type of meditative practice.

Thanks to the PranaShanti Yoga Centre, I found a place where I could let go of everything running through my mind. If you are in, or near the Ottawa Region, I encourage you to stop by their studio and try it out for yourself.

Ottawa Yoga PranaShanti

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