I cut my own hair.

Remember that time on St. Patrick’s Day when you decided to cut your own hair…

OH wait. Never mind, that was me.

When I told my mom that I cut my own hair, she was mostly thankful it turned out better than my first attempt at cutting my own hair. Picture 12 year old Amanda at my grand parents’ house, walking up the stairs as my Mamie shouts “What did you do?!”, to which I replied multiple times “Nothing, I have NO IDEA what happened.” There truth was, not 5 minutes earlier, I had taken a large pair of light blue scissors to my long natural brown hair and gave myself the most uneven bangs you could ever imagine.

She eventually found the scissors and strands of hair tossed behind her laundry machine. OOPS. Sorry Mamie!!

But now, I’m all grown up… and I DO WHAT I WANT.

But seriously, I did my research, gathered many tips from a few decent YouTube videos, until I decided I was ready to take the plunge. Well, with a little St. Paddy’s liquid courage…

And guess what?! I love it. It’s not perfect, and my hairdresser might cry when I go see her. But it works. My dead ends are gone, and my hair is nice and bouncy again. 



It’s not so bad, right?! Haha I also dyed my hair black last night, mostly because my roots were coming in strong, and black was the only color I had laying around the house. I really want to try giving myself a caramel balayage… Maybe that I will try documenting that whole experiment…

I hope all you lovely creative souls have an amazing week. xo

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Vacation Clothing Haul

I’m sure we can all agree that packing is exhausting…

I mean, so much work and planning is involved! You have to plan outfits, bring extras, make sure you have enough fancy dresses… oh wait… what about shoes? After finally breaking it down to a small collection of 4 pairs of shoes, I now realize I have no room for the 15 bottles of products I HAVE to bring. The horror!

Or maybe it’s just me…

But there are fun parts, such as, allowing myself to do bit a lot of shopping! Luckily for me (and Nick! haha) a lot of the outlet stores in my city still had a ton of summer items on clearance, so I was able to get a bunch of new things at ridiculously good prices! And with the beauty of online shopping, I purchased some items from an Australian shop, which always has a ton of adorable summer pieces in stock.

Here’s a list of the new items I purchased for my trip:




  1. Sharian Dress – Sabo Skirt ($72.00)
  2. Teal Dress – Toxik ($64.99)
  3. Lilac 2 Piece Set – Showpo ($57.00)
  4. White & Blue Day Dress – Showpo ($42.00)




  1. Black Flat Sandal – Bizou ($5.99)
  2. Neon Pink & Gold Sandal – Bizou ($5.99)
  3. Nude Strap Sandals – ALDO ($20.99)
  4. Black & Floral Strap Sandal – ALDO ($34.99)




  1. Long Gold Necklace – ALDO ($10.00)
  2. Pink Crossbody Bag – ALDO ($16.98)
  3. Black & Floral Kimono – Winners ($19.99) Similar: HERE ($20.99)


OK… that’s it. I’m ready to plan my next vacation near the beach.

Can you blame me?! Let’s be honest…

The Beach Fixes Everything Summer Vacation Wanderlust Dreaming Sun Tan


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I’m back!


I’m back in Ottawa, and I’m getting a bunch of new posts ready for my blog!

My trip to Trinidad & Tobago was absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite memories with you.

I even managed to get a hint of a tan! HOORAY!

Here are a few pictures from my trip in the meantime:


MUCH more to come! xo