I cut my own hair.

Remember that time on St. Patrick’s Day when you decided to cut your own hair…

OH wait. Never mind, that was me.

When I told my mom that I cut my own hair, she was mostly thankful it turned out better than my first attempt at cutting my own hair. Picture 12 year old Amanda at my grand parents’ house, walking up the stairs as my Mamie shouts “What did you do?!”, to which I replied multiple times “Nothing, I have NO IDEA what happened.” There truth was, not 5 minutes earlier, I had taken a large pair of light blue scissors to my long natural brown hair and gave myself the most uneven bangs you could ever imagine.

She eventually found the scissors and strands of hair tossed behind her laundry machine. OOPS. Sorry Mamie!!

But now, I’m all grown up… and I DO WHAT I WANT.

But seriously, I did my research, gathered many tips from a few decent YouTube videos, until I decided I was ready to take the plunge. Well, with a little St. Paddy’s liquid courage…

And guess what?! I love it. It’s not perfect, and my hairdresser might cry when I go see her. But it works. My dead ends are gone, and my hair is nice and bouncy again. 



It’s not so bad, right?! Haha I also dyed my hair black last night, mostly because my roots were coming in strong, and black was the only color I had laying around the house. I really want to try giving myself a caramel balayage… Maybe that I will try documenting that whole experiment…

I hope all you lovely creative souls have an amazing week. xo

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Weekend Adventures

I’m currently in bed, about to take an afternoon Sunday nap, because… on Sunday, I do what I want. Don’t judge me…

My weekend wasn’t as productive as I wanted but it was fun!

Saturday I worked at my part-time gig. On my way to work there was a major accident on the highway and we were stuck in a complete standstill for over 45 minutes… Eventually I made it to work… late, but I brought donuts with me to make up for my tardiness! Professional: level expert.

I definitely took a couple selfies while waiting in traffic, I must say, my hair looked damn good that day!

After work Nick and I went over to Gen and Seb’s. While the boys watched the hockey game, us girls made some homemade bath bombs! We made lavender bath bombs with almond, jojoba and coconut oils! Look how adorable they turned out:

So much fun! I can’t wait to buy some ingredients and start making my own!

Baths for daysssssss.

This morning I woke up early and I made breakfast which consisted of toast with avocado and an over-easy egg with a side of maple syrup beans and a strawberry & banana smoothie. So delicious I wish I could have that every morning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Christmas Decorating Break Time Wine and Movies Christmas Tree Red Wine Ornament Xmas | Amanda Kayla Liberty Blog

Dear Santa, I can explain…

It’s officially December 1… so take your advent calendars out, and let the countdown begin!

I love the holiday season and all the traditions that come along with it. Especially decorating the Christmas tree!


“The little tree that could” 

He’s not very big… or maybe I’m just a giant…

As for decorations, I like to keep my tree fairly simple with gold and silver ornaments. This year I found gold pine-cones in the bottom of my Christmas bin, so I decided to make ornament out of them by gluing rope to them. I though they turned out adorable.

Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY Pine Cones Holidays Xmas

I have 1 little ornament in my tree that doesn’t match the rest.  It was a gift from my parents, and it’s my favorite ornament. It symbolizes my forever love for Buzz Lightyear! Seriously though… To infinity and beyond!!

Christmas Tree Ornament Buzz Lightyear Xmas Decorations

For the remainder of the night I sat and watched several family movies while cuddling my puppies on the couch and sipping on some red wine. It was a perfect night.

Christmas Decorating Break Time Wine and Movies Christmas Tree Red Wine Ornament Xmas | Amanda Kayla Liberty Blog

Christmas Tree Ornament Decorations Xmas Holidays | Amanda Kayla Liberty Blog

Fire Place Decorations Christmas Xmas Holidays | Amanda Kayla Liberty Blog

This weekend I will be spending my Saturday listening to Christmas music and baking with my family!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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