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Sunday Funday

How have we not abolished Mondays and created 3 day weekends yet? It makes no sense to me.

This Sunday was perfect, I woke up fairly early, made a large pot of coffee, and played my favorite Songza playlist while I pranced around my apartment dusting and sweeping, until every inch of it was spotless!

I love starting the week off with a tidy apartment! No tripping over my blow-dryer trying to sneak out of the bedroom at 6:00 AM, no fumbling in the shower searching for my face wash and especially no frantic searches for my coffee filters.

This morning was amazing, felt like a brand new apartment!

Now, I’m itching to get home tonight, because I have to finish sorting through the last few drawers of clothes before I start posting my for sale ads for the items I no longer need. Don’t worry, I am charitable, I already gave away 2 full bags of clothes, and donated some of my nicer work dresses to a local women’s charity.

But there’s still tons of clothes and shoes I could still get rid of, and if I can put just a bit more money towards my tuition fees, well I’m a happy, happy girl!

Coffee Sunday Funday Lounging Relaxing Weekend Vibes Minimalist Amanda Kayla Liberty

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It’s going to be a busy February for me, but I’m looking forward to the amazing progress I will be making in the next few weeks.

Exciting things to come.

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Apartment Living

This week, our poor little apartment is under construction. A large section of the bedroom ceiling is cracked and the gap has been getting gradually bigger. That means we had to move our bed into a vacant unit in our building, and will be sleeping there for the next 5 days. The only positive thing is that the vacant unit is the closest to the laundry room – hooray for convenience and not having to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs to get clean towels!

However, having to empty out our bedroom and shove everything into are already packed living room helped me realize that I need to get rid of stuff – A LOT of stuff! I have too many side tables that take up too much room and way too many unnecessary things in my closet. A purge is needed, and that also gives me an excuse to move things around and redecorate a little bit.

Home decor is definitely a weakness of mine. I love making my apartment feel like a home, just by adding plants, artwork, or decorative pillows. Putting a lamp in a different corner of the room, or adding a small rug, can make all the difference. Like I said, it’s definitely a weakness/slight obsession.

That’s why I decided to create a page on my blog called HOME DECOR, which will include a gallery of pictures from my apartment, inspiration ideas, DIY projects and wish lists. I love seeing the way other people decorate their spaces, so I wanted to share some insight into my cozy downtown apartment with you.

I can’t wait to reorganize my bedroom once the ceiling is fixed, and add some updated pictures to my blog.

Make sure to check out Apartment Therapy if you are looking for more apartment decorating ideas, they specialize in “small spaces”.

Happy Monday everyone!