Surviving a Long Commute & Public Transit Nightmares

Traffic, public transit, smelly commuters, loud talkers and angry drivers… You know the feeling, am I right?!

This blog post was inspired by my favorite website Apartment Therapy where they review the 5 Ways Smart People Survive a Long Commute.

As per a study by Statistics Canada: “In the six largest metropolitan areas, the average commuting time was 44 minutes for public transit users and 27 minutes by car.”

I guess I’m far from the average commuter since my daily public transit commute is approximately 2.5 hours, and 40 minutes on the weekends. Which is an average total of 750 minutes of commute time each week. Cue the tears…

I don’t have a driver’s license, so taking the bus really is my only option. I’ve been taking the bus for most of my life, and luckily I’ve found several ways to make the most of my time productive and enjoyable.

    1. Music

If I don’t have my headphones with me, I’m basically miserable, so I’ve made the habit of checking my bag before I leave the house each day. I plug them in and listen to my favorite tunes all the way to my office. Lately, my playlists consists of Justin Bieber (I’m not even slightly embarrassed about him being the first on my list), Iggy Azalea (working on my shiiiit), The Weekend (especially when it’s rainy, so soothing), Lana Del Rey (duh) and random oldies.

  1. Podcasts

The great thing about podcasts is you can actually download them to your device instead of streaming them on the bus! I mostly listen to Tim Ferris, Call Your Girlfriend, The Mystery Show and my new favorite The Meditation Podcast, any time I feel anxious, nervous or frustrated, I put my headphones in and listen to their 8 minute podcast and I feel a thousand times better.

  1. Lists

Lists, oh how I love making lists. I plan my day, I plan my evening, I plan my week, I plan everything, and it helps keep me on track and I usually avoid forgetting things… Usually… I put everything in the Notes section of my phone, and set daily reminders for things I absolutely can’t forget. If you can’t already tell, I’m a very forgetful person.

  1. E-books

I LOVE E-books! Unfortunately in the last couple of years I’ve become nauseated from reading in a moving vehicle, that’s when I discovered E-books. The last one I read was Furiously Happy, which I recommend times a million to anyone who deals, or knows someone that deals with mental illness.

  1. Naps

I’m not even kidding, sometimes I definitely get some sleep on my way in to work. I’m not a morning person, don’t judge me. It’s never a full REM sleep obviously, but I feels good to close my eyes. And luckily (knock on wood) I’ve never missed my stop.

Now, for the totally unacceptable things to do in public transit:

Disclaimer, if you do any of these things, you’re a terrible human being.

  1. Cut your nails. I’ve actually seen this happen more often than I would like to admit, and I mean I’ve even seen people take their socks off and cut their toe nails. DON’T EVER DO THIS.
  2. Lounge. By all means, read your book, I have no issue with that, but understand that this isn’t your sofa, I do not want your elbows on my person, so GTFO.
  3. Argue on the phone. Listen if you’re on the phone, I don’t care, that’s why I have headphones, but do not yell on your phone swearing about how your brother ate the entire bag of Cheetos last night. True story.
  4. Eggs. Nothing makes me want to puke more in the morning than someone eating hard-boiled eggs on the bus. COMMON NOW!


Let me know the things you do to pass the time on your commute into work! I’d love to add somethings to my list! And share any horror stories you’ve witnessed on the bus or other public transit – we can console each other about how messed up some people are.

Happy Monday everyone!

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I cut my own hair.

Remember that time on St. Patrick’s Day when you decided to cut your own hair…

OH wait. Never mind, that was me.

When I told my mom that I cut my own hair, she was mostly thankful it turned out better than my first attempt at cutting my own hair. Picture 12 year old Amanda at my grand parents’ house, walking up the stairs as my Mamie shouts “What did you do?!”, to which I replied multiple times “Nothing, I have NO IDEA what happened.” There truth was, not 5 minutes earlier, I had taken a large pair of light blue scissors to my long natural brown hair and gave myself the most uneven bangs you could ever imagine.

She eventually found the scissors and strands of hair tossed behind her laundry machine. OOPS. Sorry Mamie!!

But now, I’m all grown up… and I DO WHAT I WANT.

But seriously, I did my research, gathered many tips from a few decent YouTube videos, until I decided I was ready to take the plunge. Well, with a little St. Paddy’s liquid courage…

And guess what?! I love it. It’s not perfect, and my hairdresser might cry when I go see her. But it works. My dead ends are gone, and my hair is nice and bouncy again. 



It’s not so bad, right?! Haha I also dyed my hair black last night, mostly because my roots were coming in strong, and black was the only color I had laying around the house. I really want to try giving myself a caramel balayage… Maybe that I will try documenting that whole experiment…

I hope all you lovely creative souls have an amazing week. xo

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Vegetarian, Who Me?

Well, it’s true ladies and gentlemen, I have officially decided to become a vegetarian.

I remember trying once when I was a teenager. It probably lasted 3 months and I broke it by eating a JBC from Wendy’s. It was definitely an attempt at a new phase, well… a failed attempt.

However, for the past 3 years, I’ve been heavily debating going vegetarian, but this time, for the “right reasons”. I’ve blocked my ears like a child when people spoke of articles they read, or videos they saw online about the way animals are treated for the sole purpose of being served at our dinner table. I didn’t want to hear or see any of it, it was too hard for me to handle, easier to ignore. How selfish of me… When people say that you need to do it for the right reasons, I now understand what they mean. If you get to a point where you break down looking at the plate in front of you, well maybe you have some questions to ask yourself. Cue my decision to finally become a vegetarian.


It’s only been a couple of weeks. At times, my body struggles to adjust to my new diet. I suffer from low-iron, which means I will have to ensure I am feeding my body what it needs to function properly. But I have to say that I’m thrilled with my decision, and I’m so happy I finally made the commitment, and so happy to have the support of my amazing boyfriend that hasn’t made me feel bad once for saying “well, no I can’t eat that, remember?”.

It’s an adjustment, but a good one, and one I am very proud of.

Today’s lunch:

  • 1 full sliced avocado
  • Marble cheese slices (I cut too much! Oops!)
  • Handful of raspberries and blackberries
  • 7 grain salad

Vegetarian Cheese Raspberries Blackberries 7 Grain Salad Lunch Vegetarian

Hot Yoga & Morning Essentials

Last night I got approximately 2 hours of sleep, thanks to the intolerable heat and humidity in my apartment. Basically, today… I am exhausted.

However, luckily I had planned to go to my usual hot yoga class at Pranashanti at 6:30 AM. Waking up wasn’t easy, but being there made it worth it. There wasn’t one single moment that I wished I was back in my bed – and I ALWAYS wish I was back in my bed. Today’s class was a great mix of balance, flow and core workout. We are all happy to have you back Angela!

In addition to my lovely yoga class, I purchased a BKR glass water bottle and I’m absolutely in love with it. The bottle is made out of glass with a light purple silicone sleeve. It’s BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free and FDA approved. Checkout their website below to read more about the founders’ story.

“Beauty will save the world / La beauté sauvera le monde” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Morning Essentials - August 18, 2015

Morning Essentials – August 18, 2015

That makes today’s morning essentials:

  • My BKR glass water bottle (in Tiptoe)
  • My Intensive Care Argan Oil Lip Salve (Be Better – from Rexall)
  • My favorite new sunglasses by Oscar De La Renta

My goal lately has been to drink more water, which is something I’ve always struggled with. So, I’ve set an attainable daily target of 5 full refills of my BKR bottle (16 oz.) for a total of 80 oz. of water per day.

Stay hydrated everyone!