Cold Symptoms? This Tea Will Help!

This morning I woke up to an awful dry, scratchy feeling, at the back of my throat, and nothing is helping… I’m miserable.

I hate being sick. I mean, who doesn’t? But it feels like I’ve been sick nonstop since the New Year.

The first step in fighting off a cold… Hydration!

You don’t need me to tell you why being dehydrated is bad for you, but when you’re sick your body needs all the help it can get to fight the infection.

So today, I’ve equipped myself with a liter of water, and a warm Echinacea Tea.

Echinacea Tea is known to have many benefits, including the following:

  • Prevents colds and flu
  • Boosts immune system
  • Fight viral bacterial infections
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Treats sore throats

You can see by the list mentioned above, why Echinacea Tea is the perfect remedy for my symptoms.

If you want to kick it up a notch, try this recipe by Thank Your Body for a Flu Fighting Tea Recipe.

Let me know if you have any go-to tips or tricks to help fight off these annoying colds!

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Blueberry Smoothie Breakfast Berries Strawberries Healthy

Simple Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Coming up with different breakfast ideas everyday isn’t always an easy task. However, my main goal was to stop skipping breakfast, or cheap out and have a bagel instead of something nutritious. I’ve definitely been the kind of girl that had coffee and water as my breakfast every single day. Terrible, I know…

But it was time for a change! I might only be a couple of weeks into this new healthier lifestyle, but my energy levels have massively improved since I started eating breakfast everyday… a healthy breakfast!

My favorite breakfast options lately have been fruit parfaits, overnight oats, breakfast bowls and smoothies!

Here’s the recipe for my go-to fruit smoothie. For the record, I don’t measure anything precisely, with smoothies it’s very easy to add ice or water, to improve the consistency.

  • Handful of ice cubes
  • 1 cup of half orange juice / half water
  • 3 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of flax seed (probably could have added more!)
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • Topped with a few fresh blueberries

Blueberry Smoothie Breakfast Berries Strawberries Healthy

Do you have any favorite ingredients you recommend adding to my morning smoothies?

I really want to try a smoothie with coconut milk…

Smoothie Blueberries Berries Strawberries Breakfast Healthy

Healthy Fruit Parfait

Good morning sunshine!

As I have been on a little health kick lately, I’ve decided to share what I had for breakfast this morning. Because I washed my fruits the day before, this only took me 5 minutes to prepare this morning.

  • 100 grams of Greek Yogurt (Vanilla and Chocolate)
  • 100 grams of Natural Hemp Granola
  • 1 full chopped banana
  • Handful of raspberries and blackberries

I simply layered all the ingredients in the order mentioned above, into a small mason jar and ate it on my way to work. It was super delicious AND looked pretty adorable as well.

Healthy Fruit Parfait

Vegetarian, Who Me?

Well, it’s true ladies and gentlemen, I have officially decided to become a vegetarian.

I remember trying once when I was a teenager. It probably lasted 3 months and I broke it by eating a JBC from Wendy’s. It was definitely an attempt at a new phase, well… a failed attempt.

However, for the past 3 years, I’ve been heavily debating going vegetarian, but this time, for the “right reasons”. I’ve blocked my ears like a child when people spoke of articles they read, or videos they saw online about the way animals are treated for the sole purpose of being served at our dinner table. I didn’t want to hear or see any of it, it was too hard for me to handle, easier to ignore. How selfish of me… When people say that you need to do it for the right reasons, I now understand what they mean. If you get to a point where you break down looking at the plate in front of you, well maybe you have some questions to ask yourself. Cue my decision to finally become a vegetarian.


It’s only been a couple of weeks. At times, my body struggles to adjust to my new diet. I suffer from low-iron, which means I will have to ensure I am feeding my body what it needs to function properly. But I have to say that I’m thrilled with my decision, and I’m so happy I finally made the commitment, and so happy to have the support of my amazing boyfriend that hasn’t made me feel bad once for saying “well, no I can’t eat that, remember?”.

It’s an adjustment, but a good one, and one I am very proud of.

Today’s lunch:

  • 1 full sliced avocado
  • Marble cheese slices (I cut too much! Oops!)
  • Handful of raspberries and blackberries
  • 7 grain salad

Vegetarian Cheese Raspberries Blackberries 7 Grain Salad Lunch Vegetarian

A Perfect Long Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend just passed, and it was absolutely perfect. It also happened to be my first full weekend off in over a month and a half – so that alone was amazing!

On Friday, all I wanted to do was take my pants off, drink wine and chill on the couch with Nick and the puppies – and that’s exactly what we did.

Saturday was a perfect day, from beginning to end. Nick and I headed to Little Italy and had fresh deli sandwiches from Di Rienzo’s while sitting on a picnic table facing a basketball court. With the red and orange leaves in the background it was a beautiful view. The food was delicious. If you live in the Ottawa region, make sure to check out Di Rienzo’s for the best sandwiches you will ever taste!


Bball court

After our lovely lunch we drove around Little Italy and Chinatown, and decided to stop and have some gelato. Ever since my trip to Italy I’ve been obsessed with gelato. There, I ate tiramisu gelato, every day, twice a day. Obsessed.

icre cream

Later on in the night we decided to go out in the market and have some drinks and food while we watched the hockey game. It was a perfect night, a perfect day.

On Sunday, I was viciously hungover, and I headed to my sister’s house to hangout, and run some errands together. We also decided to go on an impromptu adventure to feed the ducks near her house. This involved almost falling into the water a few times, being circled by vicious seagulls, stepping in mud and getting prickly-plants stuck in my leggings. Essentially, my favorite kind of adventure, lots of silliness involved! We eventually managed to get close to some of the ducks and fed them some bread. Afterwards, we did some shopping which involved the usual cry-laughing and creating havoc in the stores. Because, sisters. #FSU


I spent the rest of my night watching movies, playing Borderlands and Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel with Nick.

On Monday we had a puppy spa day at our apartment and gave the girls baths and haircuts. They smell so nice now! Lily however, has never been a huge fan of her grooming process, as you can see in the picture below:

lily bath

Afterwards, we visited Nick’s parent’s house and had dinner with his family. The food was beyond delicious, and as if turkey dinner couldn’t get any better, dessert was: ICE CREAM CAKE! I’m starting to realize that I have an obsession with anything and everything ice cream related.

It was so nice to spend some time with them and a great way to end my perfect long weekend.