Aliens & Beer

It’s been a VERY long week… I’ve worked 8 days straight and tonight, all I want to do is sit down on my couch with my dogs, and drink a beer. And that, is exactly what I am doing. A Carib Lager to be precise, and it’s perfectly refreshing.

As I sit here watching a strange (and terrifying) movie on Netflix, I can’t help but stare at this dismantled child’s easel sitting in the corner of my apartment. Before you think I’m some cruel easel thief, here’s how this odd piece of furniture ended up in my home…

I’ve always wanted my own easel, a wish I often shared with Nick (my boyfriend). So one day, Nick’s client was throwing away their child’s easel and he, being the kind man that he is, brought it home for me.

It’s in bad shape, it’s full of scribbles and dried up paint, but… it’s mine, all mine! Honestly, I can’t wait to put it together and start painting.

Side note; Lately, I’ve been especially interested in space exploration and earth-like planets… but mostly the idea of other life-forms (aliens) – maybe that will be my inspiration for my very first piece. I will keep you updated.

Goodnight humans! xx