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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Is Valentine’s Day mostly a gimmick? Yes.

Am I a sucker for playing into it? Potentially.

Will I continue to participate? Absolutely.

I’m not ashamed, I love Valentine’s Day! Well, not always… trust me I was once a hater. But for the past 2 Valentine’s Day with Nick, I truly fell in love with the tradition we created: cuddling in the morning, making breakfast and watching movies all day, then getting dressed up and having some champagne before heading to our favorite February 14th restaurant.

Side note: I promise to share how embarrassing my last Valentine’s Day was. I honestly don’t know how he still agrees to takes me out in public. Haha…

This year I’m on a budget, which means, no mega-splurging on a new outfit like I usually would. But I did put together a few budget-friendly options that would include a mix of new and already-owned pieces.

Let me know which outfit you think should be the winner! Also include any accessory suggestions you might have for your favorite option. Accessorizing is always the hardest part for me.

Outfit #1
Total Cost: $0.00

I don’t usually wear red on Valentine’s Day, but I kind of want to this year. I love the simplicity of the dress along with the bold black pieces.

Outfit #2
Total Cost: $200.00

Okay, this is definitely not budget friendly – but it’s soooo perfect I had to include it!

Outfit #3
Total Cost: $50 

I’ve been so into maxi’s lately, and this dress is just so dreamy!

Find them here:

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your top pick! 

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  1. LOL you’re hilarious. That being said, I’m a sucker for outfit #2…so dreamy. But realistically, outfit #1 would work AND be budget friendly. Red always rocks.

    Seb and I will be seeing Deadpool in theatres and then having champagne at home in our underwear playing sexy boardgames. We’re weird like that. lol

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  2. I am in love with outfit number 2 – I’m resisting the urge not to splurge as I type. With that being said, I also really love outfit number 1 and think that it is a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit! Good luck choosing! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ❤

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