Coffee Sunday Funday Lounging Relaxing Weekend Vibes Minimalist Amanda Kayla Liberty

Sunday Funday

How have we not abolished Mondays and created 3 day weekends yet? It makes no sense to me.

This Sunday was perfect, I woke up fairly early, made a large pot of coffee, and played my favorite Songza playlist while I pranced around my apartment dusting and sweeping, until every inch of it was spotless!

I love starting the week off with a tidy apartment! No tripping over my blow-dryer trying to sneak out of the bedroom at 6:00 AM, no fumbling in the shower searching for my face wash and especially no frantic searches for my coffee filters.

This morning was amazing, felt like a brand new apartment!

Now, I’m itching to get home tonight, because I have to finish sorting through the last few drawers of clothes before I start posting my for sale ads for the items I no longer need. Don’t worry, I am charitable, I already gave away 2 full bags of clothes, and donated some of my nicer work dresses to a local women’s charity.

But there’s still tons of clothes and shoes I could still get rid of, and if I can put just a bit more money towards my tuition fees, well I’m a happy, happy girl!

Coffee Sunday Funday Lounging Relaxing Weekend Vibes Minimalist Amanda Kayla Liberty

 | Jeans | Sweater |

It’s going to be a busy February for me, but I’m looking forward to the amazing progress I will be making in the next few weeks.

Exciting things to come.

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  1. Great post! It made me turn on my music as I’m sitting drinking my coffee 🙂 and glad to see someone else who sells stuff from around your house. I love doing this! It’s how I am able to buy things I wouldn’t normally buy or just add to savings. I think it’s very thrifty of you 👍🏻

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