1. These are supreme. I often use cosmological pictures in my blog because they are so expressive and have an inherent sense of profundity. These really are magnificent.

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      1. Wow, that’s a fantastic question. Sorry, it made me think, maybe it’s no easier to answer than it would be for me to explain how I write! That’s not something I could depict easily. It’s clear that you are very talented, whatever your method…

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      2. Thank you. I think your beauty will continue to precede you in your art, whether or not you can ever explain it to others! Best wishes. K

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      1. It’s true. If you continue to paint more and more art of galaxies or, whatever comes to mind. I can honesty say – your work could be seen in an art gallery.

        Have you ever thought about someday late down the road to get involved in art galleries?

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