If you’ve ever played Skyrim, you don’t need an explanation. If you haven’t played Skyrim, and don’t know what is a Dragonborn, well… you should really play Skyrim. But basically, it means one who has been born with the blood and soul of a dragon.

Today, in my Thursday morning Hot Flow Yoga class, we did the “Flying Dragon” pose, and I can’t say it enough, it’s by far been my favorite yoga pose. Which obviously means I must be Dragonborn.


The teacher that has taken over the Thursday class at Pranashanti is absolutely amazing. She has great energy and the 1 hour class almost feels short because I’m having so much fun. Keep in mind that this class starts at 6:30 AM – and I am NOT a morning person, so that truly says a lot.

My main goal is to practice my fold at least once a day until I can do it with my legs straight.

“It’s about progress. Not perfection.”

Tonight I will keep working on my artwork for “Beans Now. Steak Later.”
Please refer to my last blog post to see what I am talking about!

Here’s what it looks like so far:

Beans Now. Steak Later.

Beans Now. Steak Later.

Updates to come!

Have a great day lovelies.

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